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Lunch at the Forum

**Lunch at the Forum on 2/3/22 will now only be held virtually. This virtual event will begin at 11:30 a.m.**

Join us for a series of lectures presented by some of Chapman University’s outstanding faculty members and academic leaders.

Please visit CU Safely Back for the latest COVID-19 protocols for Chapman visitors.

Chapman’s Hilbert Museum of California Art, which opened in 2016, now welcomes more than 30,000 visitors annually to view its superlative exhibitions. A top-rated attraction on Yelp and TripAdvisor, the museum features changing exhibitions of works by California artists, celebrating the unique culture of the Golden State. Director Mary Platt will lead us through the history of the California Scene painting movement, and will discuss the museum’s other collections, including movie production art and American illustration. Mark Hilbert will share his generous vision for the museum’s future, including the upcoming expansion set to open in 2023, which will nearly triple its exhibition space.

Following the financial collapse of 2008, birth rates in the U.S. began a steady decline. In 2025, the first wave of fewer children will be seniors in High School. What many describe as the demographic ‘cliff’, college admission offices will start to experience severe competition; some colleges may not survive. It’s not just fewer students entering college, but a significant increase in first generation students that will require more financial resources and academic support to earn their degrees.

Dean Pelly will be joined by panelists Marcela Mejia Martinez, Asst. VP, Enrollment and Dr. Lawrence “LB” Brown, Vice Provost, Academic Administration to discuss what Chapman is doing to prepare for the ‘cliff’, including interesting facts about the changing profile of students entering college and the types of services Chapman must provide to remain competitive.

Wetlands are often portrayed as dark and scary places to be avoided. Indeed, we see these negative portrayals in our language – we are ‘swamped’ at work or ‘bogged down’ in problems (swamps and bogs are both types of wetlands). These perceptions have contributed to the loss of wetlands from our landscape. California has lost more than 90% of the wetlands that existed in the state – the highest percent loss in the U.S. Fortunately, we have seen a recent shift in the perception of wetlands with a growing recognition that these important ecosystems provide benefits.

Dr. Keller will discuss the role that wetlands play in our local communities and how Chapman undergraduate students are working through research and community engagement to restore and conserve California’s wetland ecosystems.

Chances are that you know someone who has had a concussion; maybe you have even had one yourself. Some of the signs and symptoms of possible concussion include drowsiness, confusion, agitation and headaches that don’t go away. Come learn about what we now know about concussion in 2021, including changes to the brain and recovery. The attention drawn to concussion in athletes, children, young adults, and veterans, has allowed us to figure out how to support them when they have lingering challenges at school, home, work and in relationships. 

Dr. Kennedy will explain the most recent statistics, what can be done to help those with lasting concussion symptoms, and what you can do to help if you know someone with a concussion.

After forty years as an acting teacher at Chapman University, Professor Michael Nehring made a surprising realization: techniques created to help actors perform on stage can be surprisingly useful in responding to life's offstage challenges! Over the years, Professor Nehring recognized that teaching and practicing the craft includes learning to fail, normalizing how to pick oneself up and manage living a life on the real stage – with help from the practice performance in the classroom. Imagine, you will learn these "tricks of the trade" without having to learn all those lines! 

Nehring, the Senior Faculty member in Chapman’s Theatre Department will offer simple breathing exercises, fun performance techniques and more, that can help you be more relaxed and present in your daily life.



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